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The Dauphine Double Bachelor's Degree in Economics is a program developed in partnership with the Goethe Universität Frankfort, open to Dauphine students entering year 3 of their Dauphine Bachelor's in Applied Economics.
Dauphine program participants study at the Goethe Universität Frankfurt, where they are integrated into Goethe's standard 3rd year Bachelor's classes, while Goethe Universität students are integrated into the 3rd year of the Dauphine Bachelor's program.
The Double Degree program includes compulsory modules, program-specific modules developed jointly by Dauphine and the Goethe Universität, and specialization modules:

  • Compulsory modules: Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Econometrics, Statistics, English
  • Program-specific modules:
  1. A three-part seminar where French and German program participants work together in groups on a subject of their choice, present their work orally and co-produce a written report.
  2. Bachelor's dissertation or 13-week minimum internship in Frankfort.
  • Specialization modules: 3 specialization courses either in Finance or Marketing.

Graduates of the program will receive two Bachelor's degrees: a Bachelor's in Applied Economics from Université Paris-Dauphine and a Bachelor of Sciences in Wirtschaftswissenschaften from Goethe Universität Frankfort and may choose between two areas of specialization: Finance or Marketing.
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A word from students

"It was an enriching and demanding experience – a dive into the German university system, so different from our own. Thanks to the double degree, I was able become professionally proficient in English and German and develop my capacity to work autonomously. I hope that the double degree will open up career opportunities in the Frankfort financial sector."

Martin K. student, Class of 2014

The double degree is an excellent opportunity to hone your language skills while pursuing a demanding academic program. It is a real academic and career advantage to have both a French and a German university degree …
The program also made it possible for me to do an internship in Frankfort, the epicenter of continental European finance …
The academic environment is excellent and the campus was completely renovated a few years ago …
Working on a project in tandem with a German student was a unique opportunity to become a specialist in our subject of choice and be a full-fledged member of the Frankfort student community."

Louis de L. student, Class of 2014