The programme

GBD London is a two-year programme that corresponds to the first and second years of the Dauphine Paris Bachelor's programme in Economics and Management. Students who successfully complete the programme receive a Dauphine Diploma in Management and Applied Economics (DEGEAD). Curriculum includes Economics, Management, Social Sciences, Law, quantitative disciplines (mathematics, information systems and statistics), and language training.
During the first two years of their Bachelor's, GBD London students spend between 20 and 23 hours per week in class, much like their Paris campus counterparts. The academic year is divided into two semesters comprising 12 weeks of classes, one reading period and one week of exams. Classes are typically 90 minutes-long; students are assessed via mid-term and final exams.
GBD London's curriculum is designed to give students the basic knowledge, skills and techniques they need in Economics, Management and the Social Sciences to successfully complete the third and final year of their Bachelor's degree at Dauphine's Paris campus or at one of Dauphine's international partner universities (exchange programmes and double degrees).

Curriculum adapted to the Anglo-Saxon world

Courses are taught exclusively in English. The GBD curriculum is based on the Paris DEGEAD programme with some adjustments made for the programme's Anglo-Saxon context and international focus (in particular in Accounting and Law).
Students may also take language classes in German, Spanish or Mandarin at University College London (UCL). The Dauphine-UCL partnership provides GBD students with numerous opportunities to immerse themselves in the British university community notably through language classes but also by participating in UCL sports, activities and student associations.

A career-oriented programme

In keeping with Dauphine's vision, the GBD programme is career-oriented. Year 2 of the programme offers students an elective course entitled "Planning for the future: a personal and professional project", designed to help students express and structure their academic and professional goals.