Answers to most frequently asked questions

If admitted to the GBD London programme - am I considered to be a Université Paris-Dauphine student just like the Paris campus students?

YES: All GBD London students are considered full-fledged Université Paris-Dauphine students. They are treated equally and have access to the same services and resources as Paris campus students: on-line digital and library resources, student card, etc. …

What exactly is the GBD London programme and how is it different from the Paris campus programs?

The London programme is similar to the Paris Bachelor's programme except that it is set in an Anglo-Saxon environment and taught in English. Curriculum covers the same subjects as years 1 and 2 of the Bachelor's in Economics and Management taught at the Paris campus. Some electives however, are different. The London program also places more emphasis on language proficiency than does Paris: in year 2, students choose a third language (Mandarin, Spanish or German) and the programme takes into account the specificities of its British environment.

Are all electives available to Paris students also available in London?

No:  elective courses are different in London. GBD London students take English language courses and a third language (either Mandarin, Spanish or German) at UCL. Courses are divided into 7 different levels of proficiency and teaching includes on-campus classes, language labs and on-line self-evaluation exercises.
The CEJ – Certificate in Law, mandatory for students who wish to go on to an L3 in Law at Dauphine Paris, is not available in London.

Who teaches the London classes? In what language?



Classes are taught in English by professors from British universities and international schools, who are either bi-lingual or native English speakers. Professors work closely with an official Paris campus correspondent for their discipline in order to ensure that course content is consistent with that taught at the Paris campus – however, GBD London curriculum and content is also adapted to the British and International environment.


Where are classes held?

This year classes are held at the Tower Hill sight, not far from Tower Bridge and the Tower of London.

Does GBD London have any partnerships with British universities?

Yes: Thanks to our partnership with UCL - University College London, GBD London students take their language classes at UCL and can participate in numerous UCL events, activities, sports and student association initiatives. The UCL partnership is an important step forward for Dauphine and underlines our focus on providing GBD London students with an immersive British academic and social experience. 

Is there a Université Paris-Dauphine administrative staff on-site in London?

Cécile SANSALONE, Manager Director, is resident head of the GBD London programme. She is assisted by Valérie BAUDIN and Andrea CASTILLO, who manage the administrative aspects of the program. They both work closely with the LSO Department in Paris and are in charge of assisting students in finding housing and resolving day-to-day issues.

What extracurricular activities are available to GBD London students?

GBD London Student initiatives and partnerships with Paris-based Dauphine student associations: A GBD Student Union was created in 2015, overseen by the Dean of Students and will be organizing London-based activities as well as building partnerships with Paris-based student clubs and associations such as the existing partnership with La Plume (a monthly student newsletter published in Paris). Last year, half of the GBD student body went on a ski holiday with the Dauphine Paris campus Ski Club. Other student association partnerships are on the drawing-board.
UCL student clubs and associations: Thanks to Dauphine's UCL partnership, GBD London students enrolled in language classes at UCL can take advantage of sports activities and the wealth of university events and student association initiatives available there.

What happens after I finish my two years at GBD London?

Once you have successfully completed years 1 and 2 of your Bachelor's degree at GBD London, you have several options:

  • Complete year 3 of your Bachelor's degree at Université Paris-Dauphine's Paris campus
  • Leave on a one or two-semester international exchange
  • Apply to a double degree program for Bachelor's year 3
  • Transfer to another university in Europe or elsewhere using the 120 ECTS credits you have logged from years 1 and 2 of your Bachelor's degree via the GBD London program.


How much is tuition? What does it cover?

Tuition for year one of the GBD London program is  €11,900 for the 2016-201s academic year. Tuition covers academics and access to university resources; it does not cover room and board.

What kind of housing is available to GBD London students?

Students and their families are responsible for finding housing accommodations. The London administrative team is there to inform and assist them. Various options are available: student housing, individual rentals, flat-shares….


Is there any financial aid available for the GBD London program?

The CROUS offers need-based financial aid, particularly for scholarship beneficiaries.
Students can also finance their tuition and/or living expenses via government-guaranteed, low-interest student loans, available through most major French banks.
Fondation Dauphine International Exchange Grants are available to GBD London students. In 2015-2016 Fondation Dauphine provided financial aid in the form of individual grants of between €3,000 and €5,000, based on need and academic merit.

What can you tell me about the GBD Class of 2015 ?

GBD London students hail from Lycées français de l’étranger (LFE) in Asia, Europe, South Africa, the USA ... and from international or Anglophone sections of French high schools. Some of our students also come from traditional French schools, provided that they have the high level of written and spoken English proficiency required.


What are GBD London's admissions criteria?

Admissions are selective, based principally on academic standing in "première" and "terminale", the last two years of high school preceding the Baccalaureate exam. Baccalaureate grades are not taken into account. Students are also required to submit the results of an official standard English Proficiency exam, indicating that they have a perfect command of written and spoken English.


What do I commit to when enrolling in the GBD London program?

Students who are admitted to GBD London are automatically withdrawn from the Dauphine Paris campus enrolment process. Once enrolled in the GBD London program, students commit to completing the first two years of their Bachelor's degree in London. No transfers from GBD London to Université Paris-Dauphine, Paris are permitted during those first two years.


And what about the contrary – is it possible to transfer into year 2 of the GBD London program after completing year 1 of my Bachelor's at Paris-Dauphine's Paris campus?

A limited number of slots are available for Paris-Dauphine Paris campus students who wish to transfer to GBD London for year 2 of their Bachelor's degree.


How and when do I apply?

Applicants for admission to GBD London for the 2017-2018 academic year should submit their applications via the Boléro on-line system (bolero.dauphine.fr) from February 27h through April 8th 2017. This is a special application/admissions process, separate from the standard French "admission post-bac" and the British UCAS university application systems. For detailed information on the application/admissions process, visit the LSO website (lso.dauphine.fr) section "comment s'inscrire?" (How to Apply).

Whom do I contact if I have additional questions?

You may contact the GBD London team bachelorlondon@dauphine.fr. We also encourage you to visit the dedicated GBD London section on the LSO website (lso.dauphine.fr).